Zoomer Pup is the most suitable Christmas gifts for the kids this year. Zoomer is playful, funny and he’ll steal your heart immediately. As being a real dog you will need to train him everything a puppy must know. Call his title, train him lots methods watching how excited he will get whenever you reward him having a real good belly scratch. Kids can run play and laugh as Zoomer thirstily wags his tail and responds for their instructions. Zoomer Robot Dog is wise like a whip and may understand British, The spanish language and French. He even follows your movement together with his cute puppy eyes. Download the disposable iOS or Android application to understand everything there’s to understand about trainingZoomer Robot Dog. Before very long he’ll be setting up, allowing this to continue, playing dead and much more. Whenever you adopt Zoomer to your home he won’t assist but seem like a genuine area of the family.

Zoomer Pup

Train & Play with Zoomer Pup


Zoomer Pup is one of the smartest pups around! Call his name to get his attention, and then teach him a trick. You’ll be amazed at how many he can learn! Zoomer has multiple sensors that enable him to behave just like a real dog. Sometimes he doesn’t listen if he’s feeling a little rambunctious. But if you give him a belly scratch to reward him, you’ll see how happy he gets! He loves the attention!

A Few Tricks You Can Teach Zoomer:

·      Sit Down

·      Roll Over

·      ”Let’s Play”

·      Have Zoomer Say: “I Love You”

Zoomer Pup Your Real Best Friend ♥

Zoomer Pup is an incredible puppy who is playful, loving and full of surprises! As your real best friend Zoomer can’t wait to show you everything he can do. Just like a real puppy, Zoomer Robot Dog will respond when you call his name and even follow you around.  Watch him wag his tail, bark, speak, and sometimes even sing!


Zoomer Pup. None of the Mess!!

Even the best puppies misbehave from time to time. If you don’t give Zoomer Pup enough attention, he can get bored and wander off. You might even find him peeing on the carpet! (no he doesn’t actually pee!) It takes practice to become a Master Zoomer Trainer. Keep training Zoomer Robot Dog to keep him engaged and to help him remember his tricks. The more you train him, the more zoomer pup remembers!